We are finally open in Kaysville, Utah!!










Well, the renovations on the 1920s home that I purchased over 1 year ago are finally done!  It has been a crazy ride but well worth it!!

The plan for renovating this space into an awesome medical and cosmetic facility has finally finished. Well, we still have landscaping but it is almost there!! I will post final pictures once the landscaping is done!!

This cosmetic and medical facility will host “state of the art” technology but with a warm, comfortable, personal feel. My whole practice is about integrating comfort with great results. I take great pride in rejuvenating this home into a place for health and vitality.

I was asked frequently,”Why don’t you just tear down the place and start over?”

Yes….It was more expensive to renovate this old home than it would have been to tear it down and build new. But this is what I do and the way I see everything. Why be so aggressive and destructive when you can rejuvenate instead?

I see beauty in everything and in everyone. I focus on restoring original beauty.

Come speak with me about non surgical and surgical options and I will educate you on options available today. I emphasize a balanced approach to restoring health and beauty.

It has taken a long time but will be totally worth it!

So, come visit our new location at

192 S Main St Kaysville, Utah 84037

Or call to make your appointment today! 801-882-2200

Our Grand Opening Party is planned for July 3rd but we are open now getting ready -for people wanting to make appointments or just stop by and see the place!